The “Bad Credit Card” That May Do Good: Secured Cards

The “Bad Credit Card” That May Do Good: Secured Cards

There are thousands of different credits cards in circulation. And millions of people the world over use them. Unfortunately, not everyone uses their credit card sensibly, though, as many of these same people find they have made expensive mistakes in how they handle their cards.

No doubt you can locate quite a few credit card users who are convinced that plastic money is dangerous. However most of these people have simply consistently overspent and ended in debt. Responsible use of a credit card, on the other hand, is very helpful in managing your finances throughout the month.

Credit cards are available not just for those who have a lot of money to spend. Some are developed specially for people facing challenging financial situations. These cards are known as “Bad Credit Cards.”

Bad credit cards are exactly that – credit cards that have a very low or very bad credit limit.

Credit cards are normally one of two types – secured or unsecured.

An unsecured credit card is not tied to the size of a person’s bank account. The limit put on the credit card is determined by the lending institution after some form of credit scoring. If the bank decides that the holder of the card should have a larger credit limit, depending on the result of the scoring, it will grant them one. Many banks then monitor the use of the credit card to adjust the credit limit higher or lower after several months. If the holder pays back the full balance on the card every month, there’s a good possibility that the credit limit will be increased.

If you secure an unsecured credit card, you must bear in mind that a high credit limit might not always match your ability to pay it back. So caution is the byword!

Unsecured credit cards are the most common type. They are normally the choice of credit cards for those who card shop. Unfortunately these cards can also “assist” people to spiral deeply into debt.

If your finances are not in good shape, you should resist the temptation to obtain an unsecured credit card since using them could make your problems worse if your spending isn’t tempered by self-control (and a budget).

Bad credit cards, on the other hand, are secured. Their spending limits are governed by the size of the balance available in a holder’s account. For instance, if a person has 00 in their account, this is the amount of credit they will be permitted to use. If the balance ever goes down to zero, the owner will need to top up the account to continue using it.

Secured credit cards are sometimes referred to as pre-payment cards. This is because the credit limit is placed on the card by the holder. For a person who has been in debt previously, these cards are a very good, limiting alternative to no card at all.

Banks set these limits to prevent people from overspending. The credit card activity will also be watched to help prevent any future problems with uncontrolled spending. Using this type of card can eventually help repair your financial status.

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