Personal Loans: Why Do We Need Them?

Personal Loans: Why Do We Need Them?

In today’s world of buy now – pay later, we live in the land of credit and it’s practically unavoidable. Personal loans, along with overdrafts, credit cards, store cards and mortgages are a fact of everyday life and we simply can’t manage without them. Personal loans in particular tend to be a financial product that most of us need at some point, to help us out with short-term money issues. Comparing personal loans to other forms of credit gives a clearer picture of times when these are more suitable:

Personal loans or credit cards?

Credit cards are essential for regular use; internet shopping, booking trips, buying theatre tickets or car hire deposits. These tend to be instant purchases, whilst personal loans can take care of the bigger things. Holidays, new cars, home improvements – personal loans can be a solution to paying for these over a longer period of time. Interest on personal loans tends to be lower than that on credit cards, so the total amount you pay back should be less overall.

Personal loans or overdrafts?

When you take out a personal loan, you normally pay it back over a set period of time, with a fixed interest rate. While overdrafts can be handy for emergencies or unexpected costs, the monthly fees and interest add up and these can turn into never-ending debts. With a personal loan you know how much you’ll be paying each month, and for how long.

Personal loans or store cards?

Like credit cards, store cards can have very high interest rates and revolving credit, keeping the debt hanging over your head forever. For smaller items, or grocery shopping for example, store cards can be useful if you pay back the full balance each month. For bigger purchases, perhaps a new sofa, television or kitchen appliances, taking out personal loans can sometimes be a better option. Again, the term is fixed and you can see an end in sight.

Personal loans or mortgages?

Major house purchases are, of course, much more suited to a home loan or mortgage. However, many people borrow an additional lump sum on top of mortgages to finance home improvements. The term of the loan can be anything up to 30 years along with the house purchase part of the mortgage. This is where personal loans can be a better idea – they will be paid off a lot quicker and your mortgage payments are kept separate. Adding value to your house with home improvements is highly recommended, but paying the costs over a long period can reduce the potential profit compared to shorter term personal loans.

With any financial product, it is always a good idea to shop around for the best deals, seek expert advice if you need to, and don’t overstretch your budget! Personal loans can be helpful for short term purchases, but may not suit everyone so do consider your needs carefully.

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